First Love Limited – Hatsukoi Limited

A light anime for romantic nostalgic people

Directed by: Mizuki Kawashita
Genre: sentimental, scholastic, harem
Episodes: 12 (completed)
Year: 2009

thumb-350-728675This anime is not bad at all! Are you feeling stressed lately? Do you like romantic and scholastic anime but with no drama at all? (yes yes, the correct definition is Shojo anime).
This anime genre allows you to reset your brain and to simply relax by watching how little girls and boys (from the second year of the Middle School and the second year of the High School) are dealing with the common but fatal First Love. If you, like me, have experienced this period of life, known to be one of the hardest ones, and you feel nostalgic or you just want to watch something that reminds you of the past because you want “to feel superior” and to look smugly at it, this anime is for you again!
The main point of this anime is very simple: boys and girls from two different schools and ages start to meet because of various circumstances (love of course, what else?!?). There is no character that is more important than the others, but every episode is the little story of a protagonist, and all these small pieces will eventually cross at the end.
Vote? I give it a 7.

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