Wolf Children

Once upon a time…
Wolf Children.

Directed by: Mamoru Hosoda
Running time: 117′
Genre: Animation
Year: 2012

Once upon a time…
Wolf Children.
A poetic, beautiful, sensitive movie that I rewatch sometimes.
I personally watch many anime and movies but I rarely have the wish to see them again; I usually prefer more lingering in the feeling that film gave me.
Wolf Children is a soft, genuine and uncommon fairy tale with a veil of melancholy.
The young university student Hana falls in love with another student which is the same class of her. They start to date until he reveals he is a wolf man (he can transform himself as a wolf when he wants and vice versa).
Instead of running away, Hana remains with him. They get married and they have two children: Yuki and Ame (respectively Snow and Rain).
The difficulty in growing two wolf children increases when the husband is killed from a hunting expedition and Hana remains by herself with the unspeakable secret.
She understands the need of a calm and isolated place where her family can stay far away from curtain twitchers…

Are you in the mood of watching an anime but are you tired of long series?
This movies is worth.
Especially if you are a daydreamer or if you simply want to watch something that is simple but new (and of course: kawaii!) this could be your little jewel-of-the-day!

Vote? 10 of course! What else?

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