Who wants to dream Neverland again?

A little-two-movies-marathon for who wants to fly again

30 years old. Tired. Work all day. Every day is the same of the day before. Go to gym sometimes. Cook sometimes. Not sad not happy. Just normal (bored) life.

What about watching two movies of the same story that reminds you your childhood and your dreams?
Everyone played the role of Peter Pan one time in his/her life; maybe not during the Carnival with the well-known costume but definitely in his/her mind because c’mon… everyone dreams to fly.
This is a perfect idea for someone that literally and secretly suffers of Peter-Pan syndrome.

You can start to watch Hook.

Directed by: Steven Spielberg
fantasy, adventure
Running time: 


Peter is an American successful lawyer, he has two children, Jack and Maggie, and a wife, Moira.  He completely disregards them because of his overwhelmed job and, at the same time, he has forgotten his childhood. He came back to London where he was adopted and his children are kidnapped by the pirate Hook from Neverland. He will need to remember his real identity, which is Peter flying Pan, in order to safe his children but also himself.

Well, this movie is quite famous and I imagine that you have already watched it but trust me, watching this movie with an adult eye is a rewarding pleasure.

You can watch again your favorite scenes when you were a child. One of my favorite scene was seeing the mermaids of different colors, …


… the Rufio-Peter fight (especially when Peter says: “You lewd, crude, rude, bag of pre-chewed food dude”. Lost Boys: “Bangarang, Peter!”), …


… and of course, the scene when he realizes who he is by remembering his happy thought of being a father and he finally flies again.


After this movie you need to keep your feet on the ground again but ehi, it is a Neverland marathon so we can still fly by watching Finding Neverland.

Directed by: Marc Forster
semi-biographical, drama, sentimental
Running time: 


This semi-biographical film talks about the life of Peter Pan’s author, J.M. Barrie,  who was inspired by a woman and her three children for creating his magic world.

I personally love the interpretation of Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp in this film.
The movie talks about real topic like death acceptance, the difficulty of a family without a father figure, the solitude that you feel when your partner does not understand you, the magic of a theatrical show and the impact that can have on the others especially if it has been done for children and, of course, the power of the creative writing.


I hope that this little-two-movies-marathon gives you smiles and goose bumps because you could feel again the little child inside you!

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