Do you feel you need to cry?

Special PreWomen’s Day

It is a very stressful period for you. You are a sensitive person and it is tough to be always strong and determinate. You feel that you just need to cry. A lot. You know that after many tears you will be perfect as always. It also helps sometimes to have a harmless safety valve and you are enough smart to understand it.
An outburst. This is what you are looking for!
Here you can find some uncommon movies and anime suggestions which will help you. If one of these is not enough to cry your eyes out, I just recommend to continue watching the other films in the list until the crying occurs!

This list is thought to be for women but I will do one for the men soon (even the men need to cry sometimes!)

You can find these suggestions in order: from lighter movies to more intense ones.

    hooorayDirected by: Frank Capra
    Running time: 130’
    Genre: drama, Christmas fantasy, sentimental
    Year: 1946

    This is THE classic movie. It is the film that you need to see once in your life because it makes you feel the sense of “good” that there is in the world. This is the reason why you may easily cry at the end.
    George Bailey has given up his dreams in order to help the others. During Christmas Eve he decides to commit suicide but someone really special saves him in many ways.

  • SENSE AND SENSIBILITYmovie-cover-1Directed by:Ang Lee
    Running time: 136’
    Genre: period drama
    Year: 1995-1996

    Well, this is a classic for who loves Jane Austen.
    If you like romantic period movies and you did not watch it, you need to correct this mistake.
    I really recommend this film especially because of Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman‘s performance.
    Mrs Dashwood and her three daughters lose their property and they need to look for another place for living after Mr Dashwood’s death. It is tough for the two older daughters – of marriageable age – to find an husband without a dowry but Love is behind the corner…


    Directed by:
    Niki Caro
    Running time: 101’
    Genre: drama
    Year: 2002-2003

    On the east coast of New Zealand, the Whangara people believe that they arrive in this region thanks to a single ancestor, Paikea, who escaped death when his canoe capsized by riding to shore on the back of a whale thousands of years before. From then on, Whangara chiefs have always been the first-born and male. Men, not women. Paikea, a twelve-year-old Maori girl, fights to fulfill a destiny her grandfather refuses to recognize.
    This is an advise if you want to watch something correlated with the women’s emancipation in a completely different culture. Furthermore, the interpretation of Keisha Castle-Hughes as Paikea really moved me a lot. It is difficult to forget this movie.



    Directed by:
    Giuseppe Tornatore
    Running time: 155’
    Genre: drama
    Year: 1988This is an Italian movie and you will need to watch it with subtitles. If you do not mind that, you will experience something extremely poetical.
    Sicily. Few years after the World War II. Totò is a smart little boy who really loves going to the movie house, the Cinema Paradiso, where Alfredo, the projectionist, works. They start to become friends and after, coworkers.
    This movie is a masterpiece especially because of the soundtrack by Ennio Morricone.
    I watched it many times and I have always cried as a little child.


    Directed by:Peter Chelsom
    Running time: 100’
    Genre: drama
    Year: 1998I watched this movie during a lecture in my second year of Middle School. It was extremely difficult to do not cry in front of my classmates. “They could make fun of me” I was thinking. So, I rejected my tears but I know, for sure, that many of my friends were having the same feeling.
    Kevin and Max are 13 years old. They live in the same neighbor but they could not be more different. Despite everything, they start to be friends because they understand they need each other.


    Directed by:John G. Avildsen
    Running time: 127’
    Genre: drama
    Year: 1989

    This movie will deeply hit you especially if you have a strong sense of justice.
    PK is a South African boy raised under apartheid during the World War II. The film captures all the race conflicts throughout this dark period of history.
    The Morgan Freeman’s interpretation will knock your socks off!


    You can find these suggestions in order: from lighter anime to more intense ones.



    maxresdefaultDirected by:Kazuo Yamazaki
    Episodes: 6 (completed)
    Genre: drama, fantasy, sentimental
    Year: 1998

    Alice Sakaguchi, an high-school student, starts having strange dreams about her past life. This also happens to a group of her friends and to her seven.years-old boy neighbor, Rin.
    I suggest this anime because it is really well done and it is short. Most of the time you need to wait 24-25 episodes to cry a lot with an anime. In this case, I was almost immediately touched by the Rin character. Anyway, it is a wonderful, moving but, at the same time, light story; if you feel you need something really tragic and dramatic just go ahead with the list!



    Directed by:Naokatsu Tsuda
    Episodes: 13 (completed)
    Genre: drama, fantasy, sentimental
    Year: 2012

    This is so romantic.
    At the end, the tears are for happiness!
    The Maison de Ayakashi is a high security apartment building where humans with demon ancestors, or yokai, reside. Every yokai is guarded by one Secret Service bodyguard.
    Ririchiyo is a yokai girl who wants to find peace in this building but after she knows her Secret Service bodyguard: Soshi Miketsukami.
    If you watch this after a heartbreak you can believe in love again.


    71e6bb12edbc7c063652ab9ebedbf32bDirected by:Fumitoshi Oizaki
    Episodes: 24 (completed)
    Genre: drama, fantasy, sentimental
    Year: 2007

    This anime recreates the Shakespeare’s story but with a a fantasy shade: Neo Verona is a floating island where people live under the Leontes Montague oppression. He killed all the members of the Capulet House that were ruling before. Romeo, the Montague son, is a kind guy who met a strange girl that tries to fight for justice; her name is Juliet and she is the last of the Capulet House, escaped from the death and hidden for years under a false name.
    They will fight together for the peace of the reign until an ancient secret is revealed…
    I watched this anime with my sister the very first time. We needed to escape in our respectively rooms to do not show our copious tears to each other. Tears + hiccups guarantee.


    Directed by:Hiroshi Kojina
    Episodes: 26 (completed)
    Genre: drama
    Year: 2010

    The story is set in the 1950s and focuses on six junior delinquents aged sixteen to seventeen that are sent to the Shōnan Special Reform School. They learn to cope with the atrocities and unfairness they encounter there.
    This anime is so damn sad. From this point to the end it is almost impossible to watch these anime a second time and you need to be emotionally prepared!


    Directed by:Masaki Tachibana
    Episodes: 11(completed)
    Genre: drama
    Year: 2009

    It is difficult to suggest this anime to someone because it almost means that I want him/her to suffer. I could not stop sobbing after watching this.
    A positive point could be the fact that you really value the life after and you start to embrace your family (true!).
    After a massive earthquake in Tokyo, two siblings, Mirai and Yuki, struggle to reach their parents at the opposite part of the city; they were visiting a robot exhibition by themselves but now they need to be with their family more than ever.


    70a573ae1a9abd5136b1daefc6fb56afDirected by:Isao Takahata
    Running time: 89’
    Genre: drama, war
    Year: 1988

    Tears, tears and again tears.
    It is a movie so you will not suffer “that much” but trust me, it is enough.
    Anyway, if you have not watched it, I really suggest it even if you are a particular sensitive person.
    I think it is just important to watch this anime once in your life, especially if you truly love anime.
    This wonderful poetical and, at the same time, brutal piece of art, tells the story of Seita and Setsuko two young orphans during the World War II in the city of Kobe.
    This anti-war film gives a straight message to the audience: when a country decides to start a war it often fails in his important duty: to protect its own people.

    And you? Which are your favorite movies/anime that you watch when you need to cry? Which is the film that makes you cry your eyes out?

    Banner illustration by Chiara Orsini

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