Claymore for the Women’s Day

Teresa and Clare’s message

I do not particularly celebrate the Women’s day because I prefer the human-being approach instead of men/women division.
Anyway, when I think to the Women’s day, I have specific scenes in my mind that refer to a particular anime: Claymore.

Directed by: Hiroyuki Tanaka
Episodes: 26 (completed)
Genre: drama, fantasy, sentimental, dark, splatter
Year: 2007

In this world, little medieval villages have the plague of strong zombies with “human skin” called Yoma. A mysterious group known as The Organization, creates human-Yoma hybrids to kill Yoma for a fee. These female warriors wear armored uniforms and the public called them “Claymores” alluding to their Claymore sword or “Silver-eyed Witches” because of their silver eyes.
Teresa is the most powerful Claymore and one day she meets a little thin girl, her name is Clare.


The relationship between Clare and Teresa is incredibly touching because it reminds me the good characteristic of the human being: strength with compassion, the love for a little sister or a daughter, the power to completely understand another human being only by looking his eyes, …

…the sacrifices that you do for a specific, greater purpose but without losing your soul, the fury without losing love, the determination…


….the feeling that your pain is less painful if you share it with someone, even if you do not have a child you can give someone life again by helping him/her.


I know that this is only a story, a fantasy anime but this relationship gave me something special maybe because I have a little sister too.

The message that Claymore gives is clear: be strong without losing your soul because life is tough and painful sometimes but you need to preserve your wonderful characteristics. This is what I hope for my little sister, for the women in the world that are fighting for their freedom and of course, for all the men that are special humans exactly as women.

And you? Which is your anime/movie that makes you remember the Women’s Day or the celebration of the women’s figure in general?

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