Anne of Green Gables – before and after

Anne of Green Gables before and after – for any Mood!

Dear L. M. Montgomery,
thanks for creating “Anne with the e” because she doesn’t want a common name and a common life, she wants to think her life as an adventure, she is a dreamer.
Anne is so real with her pros and cons and she drove me in my growth.

Thank you very much.

Directed by: Isaho Takahata, Shigeo Koshi
Genre: drama, scholastic, sentimental
Episodes: 50 (completed)
Year: 1979

 Inspired by the novel of L.M. Montgomery, Anne is an orphan in the late 19th century, she is adopted by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert and we see her difficulties, her growth, her adventures. She is not perfect and that makes everything more real: she is conceited, long-winded, dramatic, oblivious but she is intelligent, sweet, brave and, thanks to Marilla, she will learn how to give due weight to the things and be more practical.

When I was a child, “Anne with an e” was one of the best moment of the day. I watched it with my mom but in two separated rooms because it was embarrassing to cry together or even to smile together because of the silly Anne.
Watching Anne it was like the feeling that you have when you are home with the heating, and, outside, it is snowing; it was warm and I felt enriched by this character.


I started to give a name to trails and trees that were beautiful to me.
I started to really appreciate the nature thanks to Anne. I wanted to go to the park more often and lie down on the grass.
Anne is an incredibly vital character and it gave me something real, something positive.
This is one of my favorite anime so far and it is not a coincidence that Isao Takahata has contributed to the most overwhelming episodes (43-47).

Written by: Moira Walley-Beckett
Genre: drama, scholastic, sentimental
Seasons: 1 – in progress
Episodes: 7
Year: 2017


 I didn’t expect to find all these features in the Netflix’s tv show.
Everything here is perfect. The characters are exactly how I thought they would be.
It isn’t easy to make a story stick when the audience grew up with the same story.
When you raise with a story that you like, that story remains in your heart and thoughts and you are very critic when someone tries to rewrite the same story adding different prospective, features and turning a little bit the tables.


Anyway, I immediately stopped to be critic after the first scene of Netflix’s TV show.
It is like the authors thought about the fact that the audience of Anne is now an adult audience and we have a critic eye even if it is nostalgic. Therefore, this series is for adults, not children. Better this way!

I cried, I laughed and, in the end, I want to thank you Netflix because I could relive one of my favorite story of all the time.
If you, like me, have watched “Anne of Green Gables” and you are reluctant in watching this tv show, please, don’t be. It is worth it. You will devour it.

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