How do you manage Anger?

Which is the best movie/anime choice if you want to watch something while you are angry?

It is very difficult to talk about anger.
Many of us had the experience of being furious in different ways and circumstances but, in general, we react in front of this complicated feeling with a different attitude, behavior and thoughts depending on the context, the moment, the previous experiences (well, this is actually one definition of Personality).

If you had a fight or a not-straight-day at work  or home, and you decide that it is time for a movie-to-distract-yourself from your anger, the things are two: looking for something that can grow your feeling until an outburst comes,


or, something that can get over it.

giphy (1)

If you belong to the first category maybe you are looking for crying your eyes out, or maybe, you are more the kind of person that prefers to throw objects (please, don’t), anyway the right movie/tv series/anime for you has to be related with:

the focus of you anger (if you are angry with your boss, for example, you can watch something where the bad guy is the boss of the protagonist)

giphy (2)
-you have to choose a genre that you appreciate but it has to be also a drama at some point because it will cause an arousal activation (as a consequence I don’t suggest a comedy);


-it is also important to consider your level of sensitiveness: if you are a person that usually cry, you can watch something lighter,

giphy (4)
… otherwise it is better to choose something with strong impact.

giphy (3)

About the second category: you want to cancel this anger in your mind, you desire to be distracted from your feelings.
Watching something completely light could be not the perfect solution.
Being distracted when you are angry it is difficult. You need to drive your attention to something still strong but with the opposite impact, otherwise there is the risk of being bored or, worse, distracted by your own thoughts.
In this case, watching a comedy that you have already watched but you laugh all the times, it could be the best option.

tenor (1)

There is a third category of people: who wants to transform the anger in something a little bit creative (the sublimation choice).
Sometimes being in front of a computer or a TV when we are in a bad mood, could be worse; instead of being static, we take a walk if there is a good weather, we can draw, we can do something that we like.

giphy (5)

One thing that I really love to do when I feel angry or frustrated is to say aloud my favorite movies/anime scenes. I walk in the corridor and I repeat those dialogues and I immediately feel better!


And you? What do you do when you are angry? Which movie/anime would you choose? Which is the right category for you?

2 thoughts on “How do you manage Anger?

  1. I don’t tend to choose something specific if I’m angry. I tend to watch something I’ve already seen because that way it is kind of comforting background rather than something I have to focus on. And if its something I liked enough to watch again then it will usually draw me into its story and I’ll soon enough put aside whatever was making me angry even if it is only temporarily.

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    1. interesting, indeed watching something familiar requires less committment and if you really feel that you would like to rewatch that particular movie your attention will not be affacted by distractors; I behave like you but sometimes I cannot find something that I want to rewatch even if I am looking for it a lot. Anyway, giving enphazis to the familiarity is something that I didn’t considered during the preparation of this article (I put it in the “second category – people that want to be distracted – but I didn’t consider it as the major category) Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with anger here! You gave me something to think about!

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